Tan Medium Wrap Bracelet – NOOSA Amsterdam

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You can compile the bracelets yourself with a selection of handmade NOOSA-Amsterdam chunks which suit your style, story, memory or message. NOOSA-Amsterdam bracelets are made from 100% natural tanned leather. The leather’s character is also evident from the differences in markings and colour nuances of every bracelet. The bracelets can expand by 1 to 3 cm. Use the size table in order to establish the right size for you.

How does it work? Choose a model in your favourite colour. Style this with your selection of chunks. The chunks are easy to swap and can be endlessly varied. The amount of NOOSA-Amsterdam chunks you can add to each bracelet will depend on the model of the bracelet.

Please note that chunks shown on bracelet are for display purposes only. All chunks are sold separately.

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