Nivkh Large Flap Wallet – Black – NOOSA Amsterdam

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Discover the special materials and the sheer craftsmanship of the NOOSA Amsterdam Nivkh shopper. The bag is made from 100% naturally tanned leather.

The hand-beaten studs are inspired by the traditional garments worm by the indigenous Nivkh people living near the Russian island of Sakhalin. The studs offer the wearer strength and protection.

The Nivkh shopper can be customised with a maximum of 2 Chunks®.

Dimensions 34 x 44 cm.

Add chunks!!!

 picaflorone eyed dzione eyed dziocean sushikalachakratri ratna

buddhahederapalomadropdropmaori koru
batik stampbatik stampwhakamaramaanahataelephantyeti foot
koruocean sushioracleaummalachitepancha shila

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